Sound the Cavalcades of Thought.

Filled with poetry and language that the soul may feed off of.

The images.
The upholding standards.
The fake consoling.
The stares.
The no.
And no this.
Don’t do that.
That’s aweful.
The left out.
The, you’re stupid.
Don’t talk.
I love it when you praise the lord
Then shut out those who aren’t as good as you.
The complicated thinking.
The plainness.
The love and admiration of a complete asshole,
Then demeaning of the already demeaned.
The Lost.
The corner.
Already done with this corner.
Tonight seems too far.
Tonight is a relief.


I could do this all night.
Following into the morning.
I want to speak about you.
Your beautiful kisses
And gorgeous mind.
You are wonderful.
I can’t help but spend every moment smelling the stout on your breath.
Your splendid neck,
That at any moment smells of
Tea tree.
Oh those eyes, my darling.
Those deep, crisp eyes.
They have seen words and notes.
All In the sound that plays of your records.
I could lay there.
Hours at a time.
On your arms that stick to my cheeks like syrup.
I delight in you.
Ranting on and on about you.
We won’t have enough time to spend.
Or explain.
Or go on and on.
That’s okay.
Because those few Seconds
Will always be my eons.
My forever.
I rant on about.
I passionately stutter.
About you.
And on…
And on……
And on……..

Exercising is healthy for the mind too.

Trying this new diet.

What is unhealthy:
1. Hypocrites. Every star has a fault.
They need to Stop criticizing others for not shining as bright as theirselves.
2. Perfect people. It’s unreal.
3. Those who care. About materialistic well being, that is. I don’t care what you wear or what is on your face. You’re beautiful.
4. Your “status”. What is that again? Does it mean something?
5. That cool. It’s placid and has bugs. It bugs people. It’s overdone. Done done done.
6. Meaningless hellos. We all do them. Because it’s the right thing to do, right?
“Hello. I am saying this to seem human”
*robot voice*
7. Those who care about money.
I understand. Nothing is free in life and we need to pay the bills.
Relationships are free though. Take at least one moment to take advantage of that kind of “clearance”. It’s a good deal.
8. Image. You seem this way to one of your peers? Oh, okay. I understand. Continue acting like a Jerk butt towards me and everyone else so that you can uphold your amazingness.
9. Amazing people. I think we are all pretty cool people. So don’t label yourself above anyone else.
10. Liars. Anyone who says they are a friend or ally or acquaintance but never shows up. Anyone of you could be liars.
People shouldn’t just do that.

What’s healthy:
1. Truthful people. Tell me when I’m being dumb or you don’t like me. We respect you for it.
2. Uniqueness and imperfection. I like that you have that going on in your life. It means you’re real.
3. Those who care. About the real stuff. Like you and me and all of these calling causes we could be contributing our time to. I think that time is better spent there than in a mirror. Let’s be real and let’s care.
4. Someone with dignity. They don’t need a sign amplifying their worth. You’re amazing.
5. The better cool. The, I care about people and my relational value towards them, cool. The, I’m myself and love life, cool. Because you see everything around you as just an awesome experience and you listen. That’s cool.
6. Casual, unknown occurrences. Hey. I just met you. This is cool… (where will this go next???)
7. Those who care about relationships.
I understand. They mean a lot. So we should cherish them. You’ll never have a chance like this again. To, for the first time, meet that exact person again. To spend that exact moment again.
8. You. I want you. As in the person who is the person they are suppose to be. In front of everyone one. 24/7. Yes, you. Be you.
9. Simple people. You’re humble. You don’t dance around on gold.
10. Spenders. they spend time on the right stuff.
Stuff that will last eons. And they manage it well. Understanding what is important and when it is important.

Downtown and you

If only I could smell the air.
If only you were here.
The Window would have enough space.
Oh how perfect are you in this place.
I perch here on the second floor
Thinking of you
The vinyl has stopped spinning.
Now to turn to side B.
I want to keep on hearing.
Even if it means I can never see.

Thoughts that form a Rebellion

You must feel human.
Following your rules.
Knowing boundaries
And never crossing them.

I don’t see human.
I see machine.
And everyone of them are working
For the same god.

It has been natural for you,
Since conception,
That every being and yourself enjoy the
Security of silicon bubbles.

I do not see human.
I see machine.
Working for a god.

Be a good boy.
Be a good girl.
And The world and it’s god will never reward you.
Your self achievement is blasphemy.
Your kind heart and honorable words are false writings.
They mean nothing.

Your god will monopolize around you.
Your kind.
Your haven.
Your bride and her insufficient role
As human.
Your off spring.

Your washed mind ticks.
It ticks so perfectly.
Your god enjoys this.
You are machine.

You are not human.
You never were.
Your earth is controlled by a god.
Such a god feeds his followers.
Such followers comply.
They bow down to cheap promises.
Promises keep them coming.
You are machine.
You are no human
No human till you become a “thief”.

And only a thief sees and believes in your god.
You are only machine.

Watch "The Body - I, The Mourner Of Perished Days" on YouTube

The Body - I, The Mourner Of Perished Days:

They are simple. We are nothing

Light and sound in everything.
Then darkness and silence.
The placement of our thoughts
Control what we perceive.
What we imagine is a correct
A correct voice, heart and mind.
A correct soul.
Everything so correct.
Then so damaged and crooked.
Simple hellos are for the masses.
The herds that graze on simplicity
And the want of acceptance.
Is this why Humans grow tired and weary of they’re own kinship?
Relationships mean nothing.
Only simple hellos.
Not worth time.
Not worth the publicity.
I grow weary of this human world.
It means nothing with perfection.
Nothing with
The lot I’ve come to know.
They seek nothing.
They find nothing.
And nothing means anything
To them.
Nothing is the one thing
That pardons them.
It feels nothing
So throws nothing towards them.
Simple hellos.
Lagging effort.
Simple nothingness.
Your simple nothingness
Means so little to me

I found a loving embrace
In my simplicity.
And so tasteful.
There is a warm breeze
That is untainted.
Still filling any punctured vein that occurred in these past years.
I am human.
I am flesh and water.
Air and simplicity.
No mask or overly done nonsense.
And this makes me forever content.
I need no introduction
To magnify my existence.
No paint to stain my face and hide my beauty.
I realize my own life.
That is all I need to be admired.
All I treasure for this next millennium.
Beauty is always in thine eyes.
No one else.
Be not afraid of your own beauty.
Embrace and devour that which makes you, darling.

In some far away.

I place my words
In such an effort
That I loose all being.
I’ve cramped myself into sheets
That tangle as I dream.
While These illusions that spark
People to ride this crazy, lucid circle
Have no effect on appearances,
They do,however, murder countless words.
Parade around jumbled fixations.
“What to say? What to say? What to say?”
Around and around.
Placed in mind that I need acceptance.
That I talk to little then too fast.
Then too quiet!
Now too little….
beast scare me.
Their words and stares.
Such stares.
They are feral and belong
To my mind as tiny sharp rocks that are too much from the moment they sit in the palm of hands.
Outstretched limbs.
They prod too.
“I want to practice your wild affections.”
(No I dont)
“But you see… I am lazy,
Have a rash,
Maybe even a germaphobe,
Possibly a little sick?”
(Yes, I’m sure you do not, okay,maybe, no)
They are… strange.
They talk.
And smile.
And ask you for your name and on some occasions give you special attention depending on a set day or what brought up the conjuring of special attention.
The smiling is okay.
They live.
Their words are of nature and they feel need for a society of order.
Yet they do not dance around on invites and simple illusions of “small talk”.
They simply live.
And breath and observe then breath again then offer up their identities.
Who they are.
Who am I?
In this abandoned shell that I’ve become so acquainted with.

A tad bit about this State I live in.

It’s called Louisiana.

Yes, I’m talking about a real state.
The party state! Let’s all go to Bourbon and get super wasted.
We are Mardi gras!

No. This state has culture
It has history and soul.

To be completely honest, I hate Mardi
Or at least what it has become.
And yes, I was born and raised in LA.
True creole really.
(Mixed with hispanic,french and african)

I don’t hate it because it happens to be very inconvenient when I am shut out from driving down my own street to my home because the parades close of the roads.
Louisiana, New Orleans in particular along with places like Natchitoches or little towns down the bayou, has history. There is culture. A lot of people from out of state seem to miss that.
Our main tourist attractions these days?
Places like Bourbon street. Where little plastic beads strung on beer soaked threads, made in China are thrown, caught, and if either drunk or desperate enough, fought over. Where the strip clubs and bars and maybe the occasional crappy, not too bad, but still crappy restaurants are given 5 star reviews because they are next door to that bar where people like to puke into the streets after one too many drinks. Because drinking is fun.

I barely know anyone who goes to New Orleans and is like “Yes! I would love to visit some of the oldest jazz clubs in the states.” Or maybe agree to take a ride to pop’s fountain at the city park. Then visit city park. Eat a real beignet at the Morning call.
Walk down Frenchmen and stop by to catch a show. Listen to the music. Breath in the different ethnic backgrounds and see that NOLA isn’t just about our Saint’s football team and partying at Mardi Gras.

You know guys, there is a lot more to a city when you dive into it.
And I mean really dive.
Speaking from experience, it’s a damn good feeling when you break away from the tour guide and the typical tourists attractions. Find a local or even do your own exploring, and really enjoy a city.

We need to bring back culture and history and people, Music, life, soul… Back into New Orleans.
Because their are people, even certain officials, that could care less about the blood and tears of this place.
They want to do away with buildings and cultural centers. Wildlife and parks. Places and things that this city was built upon.
Bourbon street attracts the most tourists. And that’s money.
Money for our government to use to build more strip clubs and bars and prostitution clubs. All so they can attract more tourists. More money.
More demolished historic sites.
Less Jazz venues.
Less soul.
It’s all going to be gone and done one day.
Then we will ask, where did it all go?